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You should know

Did you know, that when an old vehicle sits and decays, it leaks toxic fluids?

Through runoff, these fluids and the residue from corroding parts end up in our lakes and streams. These in turn are absorbed into the earth and into the ground water.

30% of all drinking water comes from our ground water supplies (the rest from the before mentioned lakes and streams).ground water

A scary fact is one poorly handled quart of engine oil has the potential of contaminating up to 250,000 gallons of water.

With a body that is up to 60% water and cancer rates on the rise, we must do everything we can to protect our water supplies.

By the Numbers

The Automobile has been a defining characteristic of the American way of life for more than 75 years. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, Vehicle “end of useful life” is just over 13 years. Mileage also contributes to that and the average final mileage for a vehicle is 145,000 miles. Half of all of the vehicles on the road today are older than 7 years, with a third of those being 10 years or older.

  • Each year approximately 12 million cars reach the end of their useful lives and are taken out of service. Add to that the 5 million cars that are deemed totaled by insurance companies and you start to get the picture.
  1. Your old car can be recycled up to 75% by weight.junk cars for cash

2. New steel in this country comes from 45% recycled metal.

3. Recycled metal saves up to 75% energy and 40% water consumption. It also reduces air pollution by about 80% and water pollution by 75%.

Our Goal

  • Offer an easy system for recycling junk cars.
  •  Increase the number of people who think to use car recycling as the solution for disposing of their older cars.
  • Continue our growth as an environment friendly nation.

Who we are

recycle junk carsCash for junk Cars US Network’s goal is to help communities clean up their properties and woodlands through junk car recycling and at the same time put cash in their pockets to help stimulate our local economic growth.

Furthermore, the network allows sellers to directly interact with local junk car recyclers. There are four distinct advantages to that.

1.You talk directly to a local business and know who you are dealing with.

2. Local recyclers know better what a car is worth in your area.

3. Cut out the national call center (the middleman) and get the most cash for your junk car.

4. The money stays in the area, helping your local economy.

How it works

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Call a network member in your area. Give them the make, model, and year along with an honest appraisal of your cars condition.

2. The local recycler makes an offer. If you accept the offer, they will make arrangements to pick up your car usually within 24 hours.

3. You hand them the signed title and keys, they hand you the cash.Junk Car Cash

Network members will give you cash for any car regardless of the condition. Cash for junk cars service is fast, easy and convenient. Members will take any car whether it runs, no matter the degree of body damage, or simply been sitting there for years. If your car can be towed, they will pay you cash.

All members of the network provide free towing services to get your car removed as quickly and safely as possible.

When you have a junk car to be remove, allow one of our local network recyclers do it for you!

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